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Lake Neuenburg Sword

This is my Lake Neuenburg Sword:

neuenburg sword
neuenburg sword

This sword caught my interest as a mystery. The original sword (on which this replica is patterned) was found in Lake Neuenburg in Switzerland. It’s a late 13th century sword, possibly belonging to a Templar, with stylized letters etched in the fuller (on both sides): +NnSD+. No one has yet figured what the letters mean. My fantasy geek brain assumes the original is a magical sword.

Aside from the mystery, it’s still a very cool sword. The blade is a little wider and shorter than my other one-handed swords. It’s overall length is 32.5 inches and it weighs slightly over 3 pounds. It feels good in my hand, and is easy to wield, but I didn’t have the blade sharpened because I already have enough sharp blades for any cutting I want to do. Besides, I can always sharpen it later.

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