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I have several really good swords, but this is my greatsword:


This magnificent beast is over 53 inches long and weighs just over 4.5 pounds. Although that’s 6 inches longer and 2 pounds heavier than my very nimble longsword, this sword doesn’t feel heavy or cumbersome. A greatsword is not meant to be a dueling weapon, nor a personal defense weapon; a greatsword is a zone control tool. There are specific mechanics for using a greatsword, and they don’t look or feel like you’re swinging a heavy hunk of metal around — it looks like a swirling helicopter blade of danger.

This sword has suede leather around the grip and ricasso. This feels good in my hands, and it’s very comfortable to wield. I chose to leave the blade edges unsharpened because I feel it would be too dangerous. It’s a big sword, which requires attention and caution when carried through a house or with other people nearby, and since I’m not going to be cutting with it (at least not until I get more practice with using it), a sharp blade would just present too much danger.

The Old Adventurer