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This is more than a good axe, it’s a greataxe:


According to the crafter’s naming of this axe, this weapon is apparently designed after a fictional axe in the Wheel of Time book series — the axe belonging to Perrin Aybara. I know nothing about WoT or Perrin, but this greataxe isn’t fictional. Although I didn’t opt to have the blade sharpened — I have enough (maybe too many) sharp weapons — the blade tip and the back spike are pointedly sharp. The axe is overall 50 inches long and weighs over 5.5 pounds. This would be another useful implement for the Zombie Apocalypse.

This is a fun weapon to wield. It feels good in my hands, and the wide hexagonal shaft allows for easy and natural edge alignment when swinging. I haven’t tried (yet), but I imagine this would be fun to burst pumpkins or watermelons. I might have to sharpen the blade on this so I can get nice clean slices.

The Old Adventurer