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Damascus Blade

This is my sword of Damascus steel:

damascus sword
damascus sword

You can click on the above image to get a little larger view of the steel pattern in the blade and crossguard. I knew of Damascus steel swords, and I really liked the way the steel patterns looked, but I never expected to buy one. Then Kult of Athena had a special sale that included this particular sword, and I jumped at the notable discount. I now have a Damascus steel sword.

The sword comes sharpened from the crafter. I haven’t cut with it, yet, but the blade feels nicely sharp, and the pointed tip feels supremely sharp. The sword is 32.5 inches long and weighs just over 3 pounds. The circular grip isn’t great for keeping edge alignment, but overall, holding it is comfortable. It’s a solid weapon, and the steel pattern makes it look almost magical. (I like to think this is my second magical sword.)

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