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Full plate armored knight kit.

Full Knight Kit

Knight Kit

This is my full armored “knight” kit.

After posting my earlier run at the concept on Reddit’s r/ArmsandArmor and r/LARP subreddits, I took some of the advice and made changes/upgrades to my kit. First off, my goal isn’t true historical reenactment — I’m creating an admitted fantasy character using real weapons and armor. Having said that, I don’t want my kit to be completely ahistorical, so I’m not going over the top with the fantasy.

I kept the visored barbuta helmet. It’s not historical, but it’s not fantastical, and it looks cool.

The blue cape: I added weathering and battle damage (cuts and tears), and pinned a brass penannular.

The pauldrons (shoulder armor): I replaced my original pauldrons with these because the shape of the other ones were impractical. As protection, they were good, but sometimes the chin of my helmet would strike the upper point of the pauldrons. That restricted some shoulder movements/positions, and was annoying.

The gorget (upper chest/neck armor), the breastplate, the vambraces (forearm armor), and cuisses & poleyns (upper leg & knee armor): These are all my original pieces. I do have a pair of plated gauntlets, but they look oddly large on my hands, so I instead went with brown gloves. I’ve put a lot of wear and damage on the gloves, but you can’t even tell it in these pics.

The greaves (shin armor): I replace my original greaves because I felt they were a little too stylized (looked segmented like for bending) for the look I wanted.

The shoes: I cheated a bit with these. Although the shoes are modern, I felt they were similar enough to late medieval laced shoes to pass at a glance — compare authentic to sort of. But multiple people mentioned them as looking wrong, so I covered the laces with leather to hopefully disguise them as boots. Historically, tall boots weren’t worn under greaves; tall boots interfere with fastening the greaves to the shin. Also, if the knight was going to wear sabatons (foot armor), they wore smaller leather shoes like these. I chose to go with modern style shoes instead of authentically made medieval style shoes for two main reasons: 1- they are half the price. 2- they actually have traction with the ground — medieval leather shoes have smooth leather soles, and the lack of traction can be troublesome (especially when wearing 50 pounds of armor). I may in the future just get some sabatons to cover the damn shoes and just completely hide the issue. But until then, maybe this faux boot look doesn’t stand out as wrong.

The chainmail: This is my original riveted aluminum maille, but I darkened it with some spray paint. It looks more like steel now than aluminum. I previously explained why I went with aluminum instead of steel.

The shield: This is the 2mm steel shield.

The swords: This is the arming sword, and this is the greatsword.

Next on my to-do list is to find some interesting location for a photoshoot. These photos are just from my backyard.

The Old Adventurer

Full Armor With a Little Flair

Full armor with shield

I’m now trying to add some colorful flair to my armor. Blue is my favorite color, so that’s what I’m starting with. I’ve added a short blue underskirt to keep the mail from noisily scraping against my cuisse (upper leg armor). I’ve added a simple blue cape to my back.

This is the first time I’ve photographed my shield with my full armor. So I’m also holding a one-handed sword, this time. Also to note: I’m wearing my original sallet (helmet), and I have dagger sheathed and belted on my right leg. Having the dagger on my hip gets in my way — I’m constantly banging it with my arms, and it interferes with my range of motion wielding my sword.

This is all just experimental, to find a good look balanced with comfort and mobility.

The Old Adventurer