DIY Round Shield

This is a round shield I put together myself:

DIY round shield

While walking through Lowe’s Home Improvement one day, I found that they sell 24″ unfinished round table tops. But I didn’t see a table top, I saw a shield. I bought the table top, then went to Walmart to buy a cheap leather belt. I cut the belt, and fastened two straps to the back of the shield, and viola, I had a basic shield. I found a dragon stencil on Etsy. I sanded the shield smooth, then used some spray paint I already had around the house. The end result is as you see here.

Having never made a shield before, I just did this as a proof of concept. Could I actually make a functional shield for about $35? The stencil paint job isn’t as precise as I wanted, but the straps are strong. The wood is 1 inch thick, and it’s heavy — 7 pounds. I will probably one day take it out and whack it with some weapons just to test how well it would actually hold up, but for now, it’s just a little DIY concept among my Wall of Awesome.

The Old Adventurer