Arming Sword #2

This is my second (and preferred) arming sword:

Arming sword
Arming sword

I found this sword before I bought my first arming sword, but this wasn’t in stock at the time. Right after getting the first, I was alerted that this one was back in stock. The specifications (length, weight, etc.) were all pretty much exactly what I wanted, so I immediately ordered this second arming sword. And I’m so glad I did.

This sword, by Balaur Arms (like my first longsword/bastard sword), is over 38 inches long, and weighs just over 2 pounds. This one-handed sword feels good in my hand, and it’s very easy to wield. It’s light, nimble, and sharp. This sword will stab as well as my rapier, and it cuts better. This is my favorite of my one-handed swords. If I had to sword fight with one hand, this is the blade I’d pick, regardless of the era. It will cut up an unarmored opponent, and it will pierce in between armor plates. This thing is deadly.

The Old Adventurer